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And Western Digital is now the proud owner of SanDisk Inc!

Official Announcement:

Western Digital Completes Acquisition Of SanDisk, Creating A Global Leader In Storage Technology

MANILA, Philippines, May 13, 2016 – Western Digital ®  Corporation (NASDAQ: WDC) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Western Digital Technologies, Inc. has completed the acquisition of SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK). The addition of SanDisk makes Western Digital Corporation a comprehensive storage solutions provider with global reach, and an extensive product and technology platform that includes deep expertise in both rotating magnetic storage and non-volatile memory (NVM).

The Company also indicated that the debt financing associated with this transaction has been consummated and that the previously obtained funds from this financing have been released from escrow to Western Digital Technologies, Inc. “Today is a significant day in the history of Western Digital” said Steve Milligan, chief executive officer of Western Digital. “We are delighted to welcome SanDisk into the Western Digital family. This transformational combination creates a media-agnostic leader in storage technology with a robust portfolio of products and solutions that will address a wide range of applications in almost all of the world’s computing and mobile devices. We are excited to now begin focusing on the many opportunities before us, from leading innovation to bringing the best of what we can offer as a combined company to our customers. In addition, we will begin the work to fully realize the value of this combination through executing on our synergies, generating significant cash flow, as well as rapidly deleveraging our balance sheet, and creating significant long-term value for our shareholders.”

The integration process will begin immediately through the joint efforts of teams from both companies. As previously announced, Steve Milligan will continue to serve as chief executive officer of Western Digital, which will remain headquartered in Irvine, California. Sanjay Mehrotra, co-founder, president and chief executive officer of SanDisk, will serve as a member of the Western Digital Board of Directors, effective immediately.

“As a combined company, we will be best positioned to address the demands for data storage, which is growing exponentially every year,” said Sanjay Mehrotra. “Growth and change go hand in hand, and we couldn’t be happier to grow and change together with Western Digital. I look forward to contributing to realizing the potential of this combination as a member of the board.”

Under the terms of the transaction, each outstanding share of SanDisk common stock was converted into the right to receive $67.50 per share in cash and 0.2387 shares of Western Digital common stock.

SanDisk shareholders looking for information with regard to the payment of the merger consideration should review the Public FAQ available in the Investor Relations section of our website at

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WD Announces 6TB Black Desktop Hard Drives

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wdfDesktop_Black_FZEX (2)MANILA, Philippines – Aug. 19, 2015 – WD®, a Western Digital (NASDAQ: WDC) company and a world leader in hard drives, today announced the expansion of its award-winning WD Black™ line of performance hard drives up to 6 TB capacity. Shipping now, the 3.5-inch, 7200 RPM drive is the perfect solution for gamers and professionals in need of high-performance desktop systems and workstations.

WD Black hard drives combine 7200 RPM spin speed, 128 MB cache, dual stage actuator technology, SATA 6 gigabits per second (Gb/s) interface, and an integrated dual processor to deliver ultimate performance in a maximum-capacity drive. The WD Black 6 TB is up to 29% faster than the previous WD Black 4 TB version in maximum data rate throughput and 10% faster in PCMark Vantage.

“Combining maximum system performance with generous capacity, the expansion of WD Black to 6 TB allows gamers, enthusiasts and creatives to push the boundaries of personalization without compromise,” said Cindi Grace, senior vice president of WD storage technology group. “In choosing WD Black hard drives, WD desktop customers get the best possible mix of capacity, performance and reliability to handle intense desktop computing with ease.”

WD Black 6 TB hard drives feature the following:

Increased Reliability –StableTrac™ Technology (2 TB and larger models) secures the motor shaft inside of the hard drive to increase reliability and help reduce impact due to system-induced vibrations from other components. By stabilizing the platters inside, the WD Black drive results in more accurate tracking in a particular sector during read and write operations, optimizing performance and reliability.

Increased DRAM cache – The Dynamic Cache Technology improves caching algorithms in real time to allocate and optimize cache between reads and writes. This movement of cache for read data helps to reduce congestion and increase overall performance.

Efficient dual processing – A dual-core processor offers twice the processing capability as a single-core processor to maximize drive performance for faster read and write speeds.

Industry-leading 5-year limited warranty – Compared to standard hard drives, the WD Black drive endures more strenuous and aggressive internal testing over a longer period of time, resulting in it being backed by an industry leading 5-year limited warranty.

Price and Availability

Available now through  selected retailers and resellers and are distributed by Iontech, Inc. and Ubertech Technologies, Inc. in Philippines, WD Black drive is covered by a five-year limited warranty. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the WD Black 5 TB drive (model # WD5001FZWX) is Php 13, 900 and the WD Black 6 TB drive (model # WD6001FZWX) is Php 16, 000. More information about WD Black desktop hard drives, including terms of the limited warranty, may be found on the company website at

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Hold on for the GTA V Review

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I now have the game, but would need some more time to prepare (settings fixed, getting enough Z’s). BTW the version I have is the DVD version (non Steam). Apparently they made the keys for it exclusively to work only on the DVD (and not on Steam), which I find it strange since Max Payne 3’s key worked in Steam.

I also swapped drives. My 8 year old 320GB Seagate Drive’s gotten cramped and I got myself a new 1TB WD Black Drive to be used for installing games. The 450GB WD Raptor drive moved from games to OS drive, being I couldn’t yet afford to foot the cost of a new a 512GB SSD drive, much less getting a new quad core drive (and motherboard, and video card =_=’’ ).  The process of moving data to the new drives is straight forward. I just started moving the game data from the Raptor down to the Black drive, cleaning out the Raptor (removing any and all partitions it had) and cloning the 320GB drive’s contents in to the Raptor. The process took some time so I just slept through most and let the machine shut down once done. I used the Acronis True Image app (I used the much older version to transfer the C: drive to its new home, strange as the newer version had a ton of errors during transfer).

While doing that, I’d like to invite everyone in Manila this weekend to visit my LUG’s exhibit (Lego Users Group) at Resorts World Manila. We’ll be having our event titled Abrickadabra at the mall’s 2nd floor entertainment area. Alongside it would be our displays, which were featured here, here and here.


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Hello there!

The Philippine Lego User’s Group (PhLUG), the first officially recognized Lego User’s Group in the Philippines will be holding its first public display of its members works entitled BRICKXhibit 2015. This will be held starting on April 18, 2015 until May 1, 2015 at the Resorts World Manila red carpet area.

On April 25, 2015 will be the event called aBRICKadabra, the first Philippine Lego convention, will also be held at the Resorts World Manila’s main area. It will be a day long convention featuring activities for both AFOLS and kids alike. Expect project launches, demos and talks by member builders.

See you!


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2015 Summer Games

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Summer in the Philippines have already started and here are some games that can be spent playing during the break.


For those looking to do some exploration, dragon hunting, and dating sim all in one, then Dragon Age: Inquisition is probably the game to play. Also just in time for the break is the release of its first DLC called the Jaws of Hakkon, extending the adventures more. An even better challenge is to well, play Dragon Age Origins up until Inquisition to create your own saga.


Another popular title would be Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin is a challenging Action Adventure RPG from last year (if you haven’t picked it up) with remastered graphics and experience.



For those who’re into top down shooters, a new game released in Steam would be Running With Rifles. It plays much like Crimson Land, and instead of aliens or zombies, we got tiny soldiers running around the battlefield. Setting is


Another alternative would be Halo Spartan Assault (available both in Steam and the Windows App Store for Windows 8.1 devices and Windows Phones). Similar to Running with Rifles, it is a top down shooter, and we play not as Halo’s Master Chief, but either of two Spartan IVs Commander Palmer and Spartan Davis on several missions between Halo 3 and 4 against remnants of the Covenant.


And another shooter to add to this month’s summer would be none other than Battlefield Hardline. Running on the same engine (improved and fixed) as Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline takes the war on armies to the war on crime.



I’m a sucker for anything Lego and right now in Steam there’s a sale on going for all things Lego.





Flight Simulator X is now available on Steam. Almost a decade old, 8 years I think, the venerable flight sim from Microsoft has made its transition from the old Games for Windows Marketplace onto the biggest software market place. Should be easier to get it now, and have faster frame rate given the huge improvement of computer hardware. It’s quite affordable too, at around Php 314.97 down from Php 629.95


For racing fans there’s Assetto Corsa, “The Racing Simulation Game” for PC. Lots of real racetracks, detailed cars and customizations featured.

assetto corsa 

And to top off the simulations games selection, try out a non EA-Sim City. Cities: Skylines offer a lot of that classic Sim City gameplay, with none of the headaches from the 2013 game (always online DRM for example) and with a growing modding community it’s becoming a promising alternative, since Maxis has just shuttered up.


Where’s Grand Theft Auto V?

Now, originally GTA V was supposed to come out around earlier, but since Rockstar’s been working to improve the game further (how nice of them!) here are some games to tide over, they all involve the word dogs, but don’t actually feature dogs in the game at all. Grand Theft Auto V for the PC should be out on April 14, 2015 (crossing fingers, and I do need an Ivy Bridge i5 and a GTX970 boost)

Sleeping Dogs is one of the titles under what used to be the True Crime series. The game focuses on an undercover agent in the City of Hong Kong. One of the game’s strong points is in its combat system. Unlike other games of its class, Sleeping Dogs focus more on hand to hand combat. I got the Definitive Edition, which utilize the latest developments in graphics hardware technologies.


And the other dog would be Watch Dogs. While it was released last year, I find replaying it a different experience. Utilizing a different approach on some of the previous missions I played made a different experience altogether.  Also the Bad Blood DLC came out sometime last year, extending the game by playing as T-Bone, Aiden’s hacker partner. Also try downloading the graphics hack that sets the game’s graphics to match that of the E3 demo, though it will require a beefy system in order to play it.


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Gigabyte Champion Series Boards

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I kind of missed this email from my inbox earlier last March regarding some new product releases from Gigabyte. Might as well post it now as summer has officially started in the Philippines. For those looking into making a new highend gaming machine / upgrading over this long break for some (whose schools will be transitioning to an August start date).

“Taipei, Taiwan, March 6th, 2015 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards is proud to announce today the addition of 4 new high performance motherboards to their comprehensive Intel® X99 chipsets offering with the X99 Champion series. The new motherboards consist of the X99-Gaming 5P, X99-UD4P, X99-UD3P and the already famous X99-SOC Champion.

The boards now boast of having support for higher memory frequencies, enabling enthusiasts/professional overclockers  to push new machines to an even faster setting than before.


Gigabyte has partnered up with Corsair to produce RAM sticks that are compatible to both memory speed as well as board aesthetics.


“DDR4 memory modules are available at a stock frequency of 2133MHz, but memory vendors encode XMP profiles which can automatically modify the frequency and timings of the supported memory modules to work in par with your CPU. With the X99 Champion Series, GIGABYTE is offering a tested and proven platform that ensures proper compatibility with profiles up to 3200MHz, and exclusively 3400Mhz for the X99-SOC Champion”


“Paired with DDR4 memory such as the Corsair® Limited Edition Orange Dominator® Platinum kit, which was custom designed for the GIGABYTE X99-SOC Champion motherboard, users can take advantage of better responsiveness during gaming and faster operation execution in memory demanding works applications.”

Corsair® Dominator® Platinum Series 16GB DDR4 DRAM 3400MHz C16 Memory Kit

“GIGABYTE X99 Champion series motherboards also provide support for RDIMM memory which allows users to use greater density memory sticks up to 16GB per stick. This paired with a range of exciting features such as the GIGABYTE’s Amp-Up Audio, Killer™ E2200 or Intel® gigabit Ethernet controller and unique GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ features means that users can truly build a PC that brings them exceptional performance and durability.”

GIGABYTE X99 Series Motherboard Models*

GA-X99-Gaming 5P



GA-X99-SOC Champion

For more details regarding GIGABYTE X99 Champion series motherboards, please go to:

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Gaming Mice and Keyboard Long Haul Review

February 15, 2015 Leave a comment

I started this review roughly 2 1/2 years ago with the aim of getting the best bang for the buck gaming peripheral in the market. I chose Razer then, having the most rounded features at their disposal (mouse sensitivity, ergonomics, design, software), with a bit of a hit in the budget, being slightly more expensive than the competition (Logitech), but still boasting enough new features to beat them.

(This kind of explains why for a longer span, I couldn’t play/review games.)

2015 and now I’m using an all Logitech setup. Why is that? First of all, both my Razer Blackwidow and Imperator conked out. The Blackwidow, for all it’s mechanical glory, had its Left Shift key die on my while playing Battlefield 4 when it came out – it’s now a glorified extension keyboard for my laptop at work. I don’t need to continually press the right shift key when using it to program (except for emails). As for the Imperator, it ended in the trash bin. The left mouse stuck and I tended to double tap the key unnecessarily. I did the usual steps in cleaning the contacts, but it didn’t work, and seems the paint began wiping off too. The worst part is, these products died off just a tad few days AFTER each of their warranties ended.

This lead me to go back to Logitech, as history has proven to me that the product’s reliability/durability as the best. I’ve replaced similar mice bundled with my old PCs from years ago with Logitech mice and usually outlived the computer. Fortunately Logitech did up its game by repackaging their gaming products with the G brand more prominently displayed (blue G logo) and actually updated the designs, software and performance of their keyboards and mice.

For the keyboard, I ended up buying the G105 (which I tested before), I didn’t mind that it’s a membrane keyboard as long as it performed its job well, though I’m a bit bothered that the design remained the same 2-3 years ago still. I’d go for the G910 Orion Spark, but a.) it wasn’t available locally last year… and b.) when it finally arrived, the price was incredibly steep, more expensive than the Blackwidow 2014 Ultimate Stealth edition with their new Green mechanical Keys. Well, I just hope it does last longer than the original Blackwidow I bought, if I do get to buy one.

As for the mouse, I was aiming for the G502 Proteus Core (see picture), but I ended up with


the G402 Hyperion Fury, which is the middle model of the new series of gaming mice by Logitech. Actually the G402 is the successor of the MX518 gaming mice release almost a decade ago. The ergonomics has been improved as well as its look (simple black color with some areas having a coarse grippy material and lined with slick plastic), with a matching G logo with a pulsating blue LED. So far playing FPS has been a great experience with its improved performance in being able to pinpoint mouse movement better than what I’ve had before (less lag, better accuracy when aiming).

The main concern with getting these G products from Logitech is that it’s usually Gray Import stuff, and what makes me wonder why Logitech’s local PH office is still pulling its punches on gaming peripherals especially if their new ones are so damn good?

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